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 Making Foods Taste Better Since 1937...

In 1937, Mr. Otto Kugelmann, a German immigrant, founded a small flavor house in his adoptive country of Israel. 

As time passed, his son, Michael, joined the family business, and the small flavor house had grown to be a leading player in the local market. 


In 2001, Michael had joined forces with Dr. Efraim Graber, a childhood friend, who served as the R&D director at another flavor house, and together they have established Balirom ltd, an innovative, experienced and creative flavor house supplying its products to an ever-grwoing number of companies in the local market, as well as exporting them to many companies worldwide.


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Known for its prompt, reliable, and personal service, Balirom produces liquid and powder-based flavors, designed for the Beverage, Confectionery, Dairy, Bakery, Dressings & Sauces, Pastes and Tobacco industries, all while taking into account each customer's particular requirements.

We offer our clients a palette of hundreds of flavors to choose from, but also the option to work with us on tailor-made flavors that will meet their own personal needs, as well as their target markets’ preferences. 

From the spicy to the sweet, we aim to capture the tastes and aromas of the international palate, taking into account the uniqueness of each market’s food and flavor culture.

Our Customers

Balirom is a major supplier of food flavors and spice mixtures to the Israeli food industry, working with a vast number of customers of different scales, coming from all food and beverage sectors.
We also export our products, to the USA, Europe, Central Asia, Africa and India.

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Our Quality Standards

Balirom is known for its prompt and reliable service.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and act in accordance with its international quality management standards.

All raw materials used by Balirom are F.D.A. and EEC approved.

All finished products are inspected and tested in accordance with the regulations set by the Israeli Ministry of health.

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