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Who We Are

Balirom Ltd was established on June 2001, by Michael Kugelmann - owner and manager of “Bali Ltd”, a flavor house founded in Israel in 1937, and Dr. Efraim Graber - his childhood friend and himself a former partner and R&D director in another flavor company, 
Balirom is the largest privately owned Flavor house in Israel and is known for its high quality flavors, which are used by most local food industry manufacturers.
The company is exporting to the USA, Europe, Central Asia, Africa and India.

Our sophisticated labs are equipped with the most modern equipment in use today, for both R&D and Quality Assurance.
Our team of skilled chemists and flavorists is constantly working on enriching our diverse palette with new flavors, and working with our customers on tailor made flavors catering to their specific requirements.
We also work with our customers to perfectly match existing customer flavors.
Our large pallet of flavors is suited for the Beverages (Soft Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Syrups), Confectionery (Candies, Chewing Gums, etc.), Dairy (Ice Cream, Yogurt, Milk Drinks etc.), Bakery (Cakes, Cookies, Pastry etc.), Dressings (Sauces), Pastes (Jams, Creams, Etc.), Tobacco (Hookah) industries as well as other industries and products.
Our flavors can be Water Soluble, Oil Soluble, Heat Resistant, all according to customer's technical requirements.

Our Savory division is serving a large number of customers in the meat and savory snacks industry.
We have recently entered the Fragrance market, and after a few years dedicate to research and development of fragrances, we are starting to position ourselves as a player in this market.

Balirom is well known for its prompt and reliable service.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and act in accordance with its international quality
management standards.
All raw materials used by Balirom are F.D.A. and EEC approved.

All finished products are inspected and tested in accordance with the Israeli Ministry of health regulations.
We look forward to establish fruitful business relations with you,

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